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New resolution Ideas for New Year 2018| Happy New Year 2018

New year - resolution

I would like to start with warm wishes for New Year, 2018. May God fulfill your all wishes and you will get more success in life. Like me and you everyone are busy in welcome of 2018 and trying to set some resolutions for coming year and I know my friend you will try also to fulfill all those resolution. But take a minute before setting new resolution/goal for yourself, are you done with you this year resolution. As per research, less than 10% can only achieve their resolutions. On the basis of your own past study set your New Year goal/resolution.

    Let me tell you why this is more important to re-evaluate yourself, on the basis of your past experiences you can judge what else you want to change or achieve in your life to get success. Don’t just plan anything; also try to fulfill it to get desire result. Let me help you in this, like many people you will also do same mistake of leaving a bad habit. But do you known that any habit starts from very small practice. It is very difficult to suddenly leave any habit of you. Here Tip#1 for the New Year, try to build one more good habit. Maximum number of good habit can automatically reduce your bad habit. For example, before you have 1 good habit and 1 bad habit but in New Year (upcoming year) you will add 1 more good habit into your life. Now it becomes 2:1 (Two good and 1 bad habit).

New Year 2018

Now here one question arise how to maintain this 2:1 habit into life, might be after some month it becomes reverse 1 good habit and 2 bad habit. How to stop yourself or maintain yourself on it? So now here Tip#2 come into the picture, promise/commitment yourself or get more discipline into your life. No one else can do anything for you until unless you want to do something for yourself. Don’t just give up, it’s your life and you are responsible for it.

Let’s understand above mentioned two tips with a common example; you want to quit smoking from New Year. Nice thought but before think of it are sure to quit this bad habit, promise yourself (Tip#2). What you have to do in order to quit smoking, join gym and yoga classes. I know my friend it’s too difficult to quit but it is easy to do something healthy for you. More you commitment towards your health, reduce your smoking and stress automatically. Here come the situation of 2:1 and you start winning from your bad habits.

New Year Resolution
At the end of this article I just want to advise you that need to focus on things which are within your control. Increase your good habits, automatically bad habits become reduce from your life and you make your life happy and healthy.

        “Wish you and your family happy and healthy New Year 2018.”

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