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"Thanksgiving Day", "Harvest Festival" 2017

Thanksgiving - Reasons

When we think about Thanksgiving Day, few thinks come in our mind like family reunions, fun and lots of good food. Family/friends and God for all of us they are the most important in our daily life and they support us in all situations. So best day to tell them thanks for their all supports and efforts is fourth Thursday of November, and we called it as “Thanksgiving Day”. Families start new decoration at their home by the name of thanksgiving decorations. And try to overload their homes with lots of love and invite their family/friends.

Let’s recall brief history about Thanksgiving Day:

·   This is actually a harvest festival.
      ·   Since 1864, every year Thanksgiving Day as a Federal Holiday.
      ·   The first call for an annual Thanksgiving was at Berkeley Plantation, Virginia, in 1619
      ·   It was President Abraham Lincoln who decided that the last Thursday of November should be        Thanksgiving. After a number of changes to the date, the United States Congress sanctioned the fourth Thursday in November a National Day of Thanksgiving in 1941.

Thanksgiving Day is not a day to say thanks only, on this day family/friends come together and share their success and struggles.  On this day, family members share the importance of this feast with the new generation as a legacy.
Food with family


Food connects us every time with each other. Many families include the entire family in the food preparation. The traditional dishes like Roasted turkeys, Cranberry sauce, Corns. Potatoes and Pumpkin pie are included in the Thanksgiving meal. Here are some of the common traditions associated with “Turkey Day.” Every year many people first time try to cook turkey. They all thinking how to cook turkey but at time feast where everyone is with you can make it easy with other. Everyone before having their meal they all do payer and say thanks to him.

I know few of you think why the taste of food becomes so good on this day. So my friends this is all because of lots of love and blessing included in that day food which make it different from our everyday food.

As everyone is together on that day and enjoying the moment people start playing some small games. This games not playing just to pass the time but because of this games family and friends can come closer to each other and develop their bonding.

So in short this is the day of our life where we can share you all stories to other and teach them and learn from them, which make us more prefects for upcoming days. Thanksgiving Day is not only to say thanks for support and achievements but also passing a good feeling/power to other person in the form of words. It’s like thanking you my God/Family/Friends to stand with me when I need you. Result of celebrating Thanksgiving Day, renew family bonding and connections.

Thanking you all. Have a great celebration!!!😍😍

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