This blog is all about learning from life/nature. How life can teach important lesson to everyone. To become a successful person read this blog and learn from life/nature some important leason.

Hard Work VS Smart Work

Work - smart or hard
Hard Work

 Earlier people devoted towards hard work. Everyone doing hard work and even sometimes doing overtime to finish their small work and in return getting very less amount, which doesn’t gives them satisfaction. Work hard will gives you production.

Smart Work

Later on, people start focus on completing their work faster and earn more money. For it people become smart towards their work. Now to earn more they are doing overtime. Become smart doesn’t means that people are not doing hard work. They are doing their work but in smarter way. Smart work gives production as well as productivity. Now a day’s everyone knows the value of time.

Remember: “Time is Money

To get success in this world, we should "work hard and present that work in smarter way to the world". Because presentation is more important and no one care about the hard work behind that successful presentation.
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Result of Smart work:

  §  Innovative: Focus not only to finish their work, do something different way and this only discover smarter/different ways to complete one task.

  §  Time is Money Concept: People start managing their work. They know the value of time and money. In today’s market only those people can get success who knows the value of time.

  §  Learning Attitude: there are many ways to complete a task but if you know that different ways, that makes you smarter than others. Learning attitude helps in to become smart.
      “Stop learning, Stop growing

Life and work simultaneously traveler. So to grow in this competitive world be smart to show your hard work to get reward. And when you get reward for your good work, help others to grow. Don’t forget the universal rule of growth and success:
      “Give and Take relationship

Formula - success
                   At the end, both are required to get success in life. Keep up the doing work in smart way and get success. Simple way, first do hard works then present it into smarter way.

    Hard work + Smart work = Success


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