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Competition | Positive or Negative Competition |


Competition is a tool or emotion by which anyone grows. Not comfortable to hear this. Something different I said right. Let me tell you why it’s happening. Actually we all take word competition as negative. For all of us competition means become selfish and make others down, come up from others. But this is just a one side of coin my friend. Competition has a positive side as well. Today we are talk about positive competition, how it works and how it is important in our life?

Competition plays an important role in our life irrespective of what stage of life you are. You will face Competition everywhere, when you are student or doing job always. In this Competition environment if you start taking stress and pressure you will start decline and you will not get success. So what you have to do in this situation. Let discuss how to convert negative competition into positive competition to get success. Below I will share with you some of my secret ways to reduce competition and get success.

Competitors Became Friends:

Competition - Quote

Think Competition as it is good for your growth and success. You one thing, you can cut your half competition just by helping your competitor when they really needs your help. By doing this you are changing your competitor into friends. This is the best way to change negativity of competition into positively. This is the best part of competition as you can make more friends and reduce your competition both together. This kind’s friendship having more understanding because both partners having same set to skills and nature of doing things.

Increase Skill/Knowledge:

Did you notice that because of competition only sometimes you will force yourself to learn new skills? You will understand that to grow from others you have to upgrade yourself from others. At least because of Competition you have given time to yourself and you think of you. You have given time to improve yourself, which is the hidden positively of Competition. This improving attitude will surely give success in life.


Competition - Self- Analyze
Because of competition only you will analyze yourself and find out the gap or improvement area in yourself. You will push your ability to perform extra and learn something extra to improve more. Trust me this ability will leads your career upon sky.

It is more important that make a proper balance in your life. Take everything as positive and increase your chance of getting success. Remember that upgrade yourself, help others and having positive attitude in life gives you success.
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