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Creativity checker

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Creativity means something innovative. We all know that each and every person having their importance and uniqueness. But the thing is that we should know that what that uniqueness which makes us different from others.

How much creative you are even sometimes you also don’t know. Let me take a current example of your creativity, few days before Halloween was there and as usual we decorated our home for Halloween. But did you notice one thing that every year same festivals are coming but our way of decoration will get change. That’s called your creativity. For the same occasions we do every time something unique which gives you happiness and satisfaction towards that things/presentations.

Best way to check your own creativity:

1. What ever idea you have at first time just put it down on that particular topic/report/presentation.
2. Go for a small tea/coffee break with your friends.
3. Come back and have a look on your ideas which you put it down earlier.
4. While look it again you will find different new ways to present the same thing in a creative and good way.
Sometimes the above mentioned steps will helps us to reduce our errors on some work.

Hope mentioned 4 easy steps will helps you to get success.

But one condition will apply to satisfy the above mentioned steps, it’s your interest towards that things/topic/presentation. If you don’t have any interest, you can’t apply your mind towards it. Do what you like with your full heart and surely you will get success in it.

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