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Motivation is a strong tool, which help s in overcome from stress/problems. It’s easy to get motivated from someone, but it is really difficult to motivate anyone. This article will surely help you because it contains ideas and useful research on how to get or stay motivated. Some people will get surprised when they read this, “science is behind how to get motivated and how to stay motivated for the long time.” In this article we will get some scientific reasons as well as natural/common reason to understand motivation.

Motivation is something like your general willingness to do something, the set of psychological forces that compel to take action. In other sense, we can say that sometimes it is good to change certain things in life to get success. Every choice has a certain price but when we are motivated, it is easy to bear inconvenience of action than the pain of remaining the same. It becomes more painful to not do the work then to actually do it. So it’s more important to change the things on right time, right time decide on when we wake up and ready for change. That moment we called as motivated.

Motivated- ambition
Motivation is often the result of action, not the cause of it. Getting started even in very small ways, is a form of natural procedure. To get motivated it is required to accept the change and once you’ve started a new behavior. Nearly all of the friction in a task is at the beginning, after that progress occurs more naturally.

When you start thinking like it is easy to make change in life/work, get motivated and now things will be becomes happier and prefect. To make you motivated here some tips and tricks which will really help you:
  • Start stress- free life: I would suggest you start your day by watching cartoon/comedy shows. You start felling happy.

  • Sleep Better: Sleep and wake up on time. It is necessary to maintain a proper time table for your daily work.

  • Creative Productivity: set your mind in order to do at least one daily work in different/creative way, just for change.
                                                                       Friends trust me I have never found myself feeling like worse after all hard work done. There have been days when it was damn hard to start but it always have a worth finishing because I know where I want to go and what necessary changes are required to get my desire result.
        Golden line:  Winners never quit, Quitters never win.

Decide your path from here where you want to go. It is more important to don’t make too hard or too easy the changes which you want to do in your life, just make it right. Right change in life on the right time can lead you towards success.


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